Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year y'all! I'm celebrating a bit ahead of myself, but it's almost here. 2012 has been a great year for my art. The above scratchboard drawing was an 8"x10" commissioned Christmas present. (Used Ampersand Scratchbord and inks)Magaidh was also one of the dogs in the Dog Scratchin' book, and there is a different drawing of her in it. I feel so grateful for having the support of all of you who participated in the kickstarter project. That support allowed me to assemble my book of drawings of your dogs. I thank you all so very much!
Now, during the cold weather when I'm hunkered down in my warm house I'm putting together the Cat Scratchin' version of the kickstarter project. It will launch soon. Those of you who have both dogs and cats stay tuned. Well, actually, all of you should stay tuned. If there is enough interest I may do another version of the dog book in the future. I love giving books and money away to rescue groups! I'm so happy to have been able to give over $800.00 in money and books just since October. That to me is success. December recipient is PAWS of Beaumont, TX. Shipped the books and check to them yesterday. 3 of the dogs in the book were rescued by them. Good work!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Last Minute Dogs

Hey folks, all is good here in *Linda-Land*. I'm still selling Dog Scratchin' books like crazy. Just wanted to give you a heads up...if you want to buy a book(s) for Christmas gifts, or even commission a custom piece of art, get with me soon. Like, today or tomorrow. Post a comment here and we can make it happen.  I promise I will work hard to get it shipped to you before the holiday. If you are in NW Arkansas I can hand-deliver, but you must contact me right away. This month's 10% of sales proceeds are going to a group in Beaumont, Texas called *PAWS*.  I've already sold quite a few books this month, but would love to sell more so I can give more to this group. I'm starting to get geared up on the Cat Scratchin' project. Will keep y'all posted. Thanks, and have a lovely day!
The above is dear departed "Sister", and her brother "Cletus" in his fancy shirt. It's a 5x7 scratchboard drawing on Ampersand bord, with inks. Sold.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Goal Met-New Goals

For those who follow me here rather than the kickstarter site, here is the latest update.

Hello my dear, sweet, backers of Dog Scratchin'. Just to let you know, my trip to Austin for the signing event at Wally Workman Gallery was very successful. We sold 43 books in two hours!! I got to meet many of you for the first time. And I saw many old friends. It was a thrilling,action packed,  blur of a night. Thanks to all who came out~It was pretty darned special. I've always had a goal in mind of having at least half of the 500 books gone by the first of the year.  Today's count proved that goal has already been met. I've got around 235 books left to sell and distribute.
If you would like to buy additional books (esp. for gifts) at $25.00 each, please let me know soon.(like really soon) I ship via USPS. One copy ships for $5.50 Two for $9.00 Three and above I can pack about 8 books into a flat rate box for $13.00. My mailing address (if you want to go "old skool" with a snail mailed check) is PO Box 8963 Fayetteville, Arkansas 72703-0017
I've had some questions about distribution to Rescue Orgs. for fundraising and such. I would love to get some out to different groups around the country. Here's the best way to do that; Have them contact me at and we can work out arrangements. What I have found is many groups either don't have room, events, energy or ability to sell books. I do not want to add to their load in any way...kind of like how the Red Cross prefers money donations rather than canned goods or your old clothes after a disaster; many dog rescue groups need funds and volunteers rather than auction or sale items. I'd like to talk with them and see how the book can be used to help them.
Just so you know, I have already (in two months of sales) been able to distribute over $500.00 to several groups. And I've made just a bit of money to help cover my costs of spending 8 months on this project. One thing I did learn is that I need to build something into the kickstarter fundraising for my time and labor (duh)...I'm ok, but it was a little tight while putting this all together. :-)  I have spent every dollar raised here on printing, design and shipping.
I'm busy at work putting together the Cat Scratchin' book video and text with plans to launch in January. I've learned a lot that will help to make this an even better and bigger project. I hope that you will join me, even if you don't have a cat, if you share the info with friends and family who do, it will help to make it a huge success.
I am so grateful for all of you and your participation in this project. I could not have done it without you. I hope your holidays are wonderful. The past year has been exceptional for me, thanks to all of you.
XX- Linda
NOTE: If you don't want to do the snail mail/old skool check route, I do have an etsy shop and you can buy books by clicking here.
My new goal is to have most of the remaining books either sold or in rescue groups hands to sell by Feb.  I think it is entirely possible. Why not?
I'm busy working on several commissions that must be done and shipped before Christmas. I'm well on my way to being finished sometime this week. Will share some of those AFTER the holidays. Don't want to spoil any secrets!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gratitude And Giving

Because of last month's Dog Scratchin' book sales I was able to drop checks off to Fayetteville Animal Shelter and For Pets' Sake Springdale. I was absolutely giddy with delight! I wish I could say that I gave huge amounts of money, but it's a start. And as I know from working with these groups, every little bit helps. I am so happy to have been able to draw these dogs and tell their stories. Every day I hear really great feedback from someone who has read, or started to read the book. I love that. Making this book opened up a place in my heart that had been resting awhile. It wasn't closed off, or dormant, it was just waiting for the right time to wake up and get busy.
Now that I've ticked that off the list, I'm working on the Cat Scratchin' project, which I hope to launch on kickstarter in January.
A percentage of this month's proceeds will be going to Austin Pets Alive. I'll add up this weekend's sales at Eye of the Dog Art Center and then drop a check off on Monday. If you happen to be in the Austin, TX area, San Marcos is just a short drive away. Billy Ray and Beverly throw a really great show/party in a sweet country setting. Click on their link for directions and more information.
And, oh yeah, Happy Happy Thanksgiving! I plan to eat a lot of good food with good people. And I will thank my lucky stars that I have such a fortunate life. Enjoy your day!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Delivering Dog Art and Books

Today I met up with the folks of "Fozzie" and "Libby".  We had lunch and laughs, and even found out we knew several people in of the things I have always really loved about Austin. If I don't say it enough, I want all to know how much I enjoyed drawing their dogs and telling their stories. It was and is an honor and priviledge (and really darned good fun). I love the connections.
This time tomorrow night I will be signing books, handing out art work and "rewards" from the kickstarter project. Seeing old friends and meeting new.  And...I hope raising a bit of dough for Austin Pets Alive!
Of these two dogs, Fozzie is no longer around (but clearly was much loved by his folks) Libby is getting up in years, but still going strong.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Come to Wally Workman Gallery

This is Mirabelle, also known as Monsterbelle. Reportedly she will be attending the book signing this Tuesday from 6-8pm at Wally Workman Gallery on W. 6th St. in Austin, Texas. I can hardly wait to meet new folks, their dogs and see old friends. I'll be distributing some of the artwork from the book to those who pledged at the kickstarter project, plus selling books and other artwork. I'm giddy with excitement. The other reason is that 10% of the sales will be given to Austin Pets Alive rescue group. Wally and Rachel are so kind as to not only host this event, but they are participating in the 10% donation. I love to be able to give to such great groups doing such great work.
Today I also went to Kirchman Gallery in Johnson City, Texas for their holiday event. I met some super nice people and left some books there to sell. If you are in the Johnson City area on your way to the Hill Country you should stop by. They have a really great variety of art and artists in they also do wine tasting.
The weekend after Thanksgiving I'll be out in San Marcos at Eye of the Dog Art Center at their home show, which is a truly special and fun event.
So happy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Doggie Feedback

I've been getting some really great emails from the folks who have received their books and artwork. This is Maggie with her original art.  I think she likes it! What a sweetheart. Her story in the book is really dear.
 I'm happy to report I dropped off two checks last week, one to the Fayetteville Animal Shelter and the other to For Pets' Sake Springdale. I split 20% of October sales between them. It wasn't tons of money, but it was something. I was absolutely giddy with delight. I love spreadin' joy!
Next Tuesday (Nov. 13th) from 6-8 I'll be at Wally Workman Gallery selling books and art and distributing rewards to kickstarter funders. Now Wally would tell you that I usually dash out the door during show openings if there are too many folks in the room. I promise I won't do that on Tuesday. I will hang in there with all y'all. A portion of the proceeds from the night are going to the Austin Pet's Alive rescue group, so let's fill the place and make some $$ for those great folks!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Events and Dogs

I just finished this piece. It's small, 3"x5" and is part of the kickstarter reward for one of the folks in the book. This is Lindy. I'm calling the piece "Little Lindy." She's a really great looking, blue-eyed dog. I will take down the show at the Anne Kittrell Gallery this week (the morning of the 1st)so Monday thru Weds 10am to 6pm is your last chance to see all of the artwork. After I take it down I will begin the process of shipping rewards and art to everyone who participated in this project. I've got a friend working on a short video of the show, will post that soon here and on youtube.
Meanwhile, I'm packing for a trip to Austin and San Antonio in a few weeks. Can hardly wait, I haven't been back there since June and that's way too long to be away from my friends there.  The big news is there will be an event at Wally Workman Gallery on w. 6th St. in Austin November 13th from 6-8pm. 10% of my sales that night will go Austin Pets Alive.  I'm really excited about this because I will meet many of the folks (and maybe a few dogs) in the book for the first time. If you are in Austin and can drop by please do. Wally and Rachel throw a good party and it should be pretty sweet....

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wally Workman Gallery Event

Today was a great day. I met up with JoAnn from the Humane Society of the Ozarks and had a delightful visit. I donated a signed book and dog portrait to be used in a silent auction for their upcoming event. I even sold her a book and got a commission to draw a few of her dogs out of it. And she's in with her cats for the future Cat Scratchin' book! Awesome!  Now, that would be enough, but I just got off the phone with the Austin Pets Alive group.  The November 13th book and art event at Wally Workman Gallery, 1202 West 6th St. in Austin, TX 6-8pm, will provide 10% of my sales to Austin Pets Alive. I'm so thrilled to be able to offer some $$ to various rescue groups. Please join me that night and let's give them some big bucks!
Currently 20% of Oct. sales will be split between Fayetteville Animal Shelter and For Pets' Sake Springdale. We're around $110.00 each right now, if you are looking for Christmas presents for the dog lovers in your life give me a holla and I'll get a book to you. Books are $25.00 each, shipping is $5.50, unless of course you are in NW Arkansas or will be at the November event, in which case I will hand deliver them.
I'm lovin' this life...the little dog in the above drawing is one that I drew just for fun, it will be available at the event, along with many other drawings. If you don't like any of  those, hire me to draw your know you want to! Thanks folks.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Drawing Dogs for fun!

Now that the book is finished and all of the art from it hanging at the Anne Kittrell Gallery on the campus of the University of Arkansas, I've had some time on my hands. So I've gone through my collection of dog images that I've downloaded from here and there, and then I scratched out some new artwork, just for fun. The usual here, a 5x7 Ampersand Art scratchboard with clayboard inks. This is one of my favorite dog poses. The leaves are of course only in my mind. I'm not sure who this is, I'm referring to him/her as "Good Dog". I will frame this and take it to Wally Workman Gallery in Austin to sell. The event there will be November 13th 6-8pm. I'll be there with books, art and kickstarter rewards. I will soon add a paypal button here, and will list books at my etsy shop if you are looking for books to buy. I'll also be at Eye of the Dog Art Center in San Marcos, Texas, right after Thanksgiving selling artwork, books, magnets (big sale on those this year), and the little wooden carpenter "totes" that I've been making. Stay tuned, more information about all of that soon. In the meantime, I'm off to Petco today to work with For Pets' Sake Springdale to get a bunch o' dogs adopted out. They are such a fun group that does great work, rescuing animals from the city shelter and placing them in good homes. I am donating 10% of sales to them, and 10% to the Fayetteville Animal Shelter this month.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Awesome Reception for Dog Scratchin'

It's time to go to bed but I just had to say, what a great night at the Anne Kittrell Gallery here in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 70+ folks came out to see the work and buy books. I am grateful for each and every one of you. I am tired and happy. I'm ready for more...
Oh yeah, that's Booger. He was a sweet old Tiger Striped Catahoula hound. His story is one of my favorites. Let's just say, it didn't start out so great, but he ended up with some of the best folks possible, and had a good, long, life.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

They're Here!!

I'm very happy to announce that the Dog Scratchin' books have arrived. All five hundred of them! I am gathering the various "rewards"(postcard,greeting card,magnet) and packing them with the books in preparation for shipping and hand deliveries to the kickstarter funders. Those in Fayetteville Arkansas can pick them up at the Anne Kittrell Gallery in the Union at the University during the reception on Oct. 11th 6-7. And the entire show can be seen M-F 10-6pm until the end of the month. 
I'll be at Wally Workman Gallery for a special event Nov. 13th from 6-7pm to sign, sell and distribute books. There will be several pieces of artwork for sale there. I'm also setting up commissions for the holidays. If you would like one of your animals (not just dogs) drawn on scratchboard to give as gifts you need to contact me soon!!
The book looks better than I even imagined it would. I just sold 8 yesterday to a friend who will be giving them as Christmas gifts. That means the first $$ went into the rescue group fund...$16.00 ($2 per book sold) whoo hoo. Here we go! This is pretty darned exciting!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dog Books On Their Way To Me!

I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of the Dog Scratchin' books. Soon there will be more than several boxes of them stacked and waiting to go to their next home. Or homes. This is good. This is very, very, good. Now, if I could just breathe!
The show is up at the Anne Kittrell Gallery at the U of Arkansas Fayetteville and officially opens today and runs through the end of the month. It's open M-F 10-6pm. It's located on the 4th floor of the Union blg. I've been parking in the parking garage on Stadium Dr. Easy-peasy once you figure out the payment machine, and then a short walk over to the most confusing building I've ever been in. There are what seems to be half floors. Many different levels and wings. Good luck.  I'll leave breadcrumbs so you can find it. Please come to the reception on Thursday Oct. 11th 6pm.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Anne Kittrell Gallery Dog Show

Today I will take all of the scratchboards to the Anne Kittrell Gallery on the campus of the University of Arkansas and begin to hang and set up the room for the month long show. The show opens on October 4th and runs until the end of the month. The reception is Thursday October 11th at 6pm. The books are being printed and will be shipped in time for that event. (I hope!) It will be nice to have the artwork in my hands again. I've had all of the boards packed up waiting for this.
This past week I started 6 new dogs and two cats. Just for fun, for sale, for me. I'm happy to be back at it. And work has begun on the Cat Scratchin' project that I hope to launch after the first of the year if not sooner.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Is It Here Yet?

This is Molly. She's a sweet hound mix. She and I are both waiting, and waiting for the book to be done. Soon, my friends. It's so hard for me to be patient...and yet, what else can I do? I've started drawing several new dogs that are not in the book. Just for fun, and hopefully finance. These will be framed and hung at Wally Workman Gallery to sell in November (or whenever). It was good to get back to scratchin'.  I'm ready...anytime now!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Printing, Printing, Printing...

This is Marlowe. He used to be a "junk-yard" dog who got retired because he was old. Now he's got a pretty cushy life in the Barclay pack. Lucky guy. He is just one of 78 dog drawings that I did in the Dog Scratchin' book that is being printed right now. I mean it. It is at the printers and should be delivered to my homestead in about 2 1/2 weeks. Yippie eye oh! Boxes and boxes of books. In case you missed my endless stream of information about this, the first showing of the book and art will be at the Anne Kittrell Gallery at the University of Arkansas October 11th at 6pm. The show will be up for a month there, but the reception is not to be missed! Let me know if you need directions etc..It's in Fayetteville, and in the Union Building on campus.
Also I will be bringing myself, art and books to the great Wally Workman Gallery in Austin Texas for a fun evening November 13th 6-8.  Both events will have a portion of my proceeds from sales going to various rescue groups. The Oct. event will have 10% going to Fayetteville Animal Shelter, and 10% going to For Pet's Sake in Springdale AR. The Texas event will have 10% going to Austin Pets Alive.
Bring your friends and come celebrate with me.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dog Scratchin' Book Preview

I've got the unbound proof sheets of the book in hand. I'm spending the rainy weekend looking at it to make sure there are no changes needed before doing the run of 500 copies. So far I see a hyphen or comma to add or remove here and there. Making changes costs more money, so I have to decide what I can live with.
 It just makes me very happy to see it just as I envisioned. The two on the page are Trabi and Mopsie. I love the way they look. And they have a sweet story, as do all of the dogs in the book.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dog Scratchin' Book Report

Here's Zipper and Zoey. The "Security" and the "Greeter". They are just two of the over 70 dogs that I drew, using scratchbord, between April 11 and July 20th. The book has been read and re-read and corrected, corrected again, and finally finished and is on it's way to the printer in Minn. Now I wait for the proof to check and then receive the finished product by or before Oct 11th. There will be a show and debut of the book Oct. 11th at 6pm at the Anne Kittrell Gallery at the University of Arkansas(Fayetteville) Then on November 13th at 6pm, I'll be at the Wally Workman Gallery in Austin with books and artwork. If you are in either of those areas I hope you can make it out. It's going to be fun, how can it not be, there are dogs, stories and a Miller Williams poem! Thanks y'all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Good Dog Day Afternoon

This past Sunday I got to meet little Magaidh (Gaelic spelling of Maggie) at the park with her owners, Ryan and Heather Marie Wells. It was a sweet afternoon, as I previously had only known her through her owners photos and stories. And from those I drew the artwork that will be in the book. The purpose of the meeting was to get photos of her with the artwork because she has bladder cancer and after two surgeries and chemo and nothing more to be done, no cure available, her loving folks are at the point of making a difficult decision. I've been there, with my seventeen year old cat. It was and is the hardest thing in the world. But I believe with all my heart that having an animal you love put out of their pain peacefully is the greatest expression of love there is. Magaidh has a few more days on this earth. I am confident that they will be the best days of her life. That's all any of us, animal or human can hope for or work on, making every day the best day of our life. This dog, this story, these people, they are a big part of why I'm putting this book together.
The photos above (except for the artwork that I scanned) were taken by Ryan and/or Heather Marie Wells.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Dog Cute

I did this little dog drawing just because. He belongs to a gal I know in Austin. She's going through her dear mother's things and she had offered me a bunch of art supplies. I told her I would trade her a scratchboard or two of her dogs for those supplies. This is Tino. I don't know much about him, but he is darned cute. I love dogs and scratchboard. Yippie! The book is really coming together. I haven't seen it in a few days, turned it over to Liz Lester Design after reading through and making corrections on the 1st pages. I will debut it October 11th at the Anne Kittrell Gallery at the University of Arkansas. In November there will be a book event at the Wally Workman Gallery in Austin, TX on the 13th. Stay tuned, I'll give you all the information as I know it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eddy the "Bucket Boy" Dog

Eddy's photo was listed under "Beagles" on the rescue site that he was on. His owners have no idea why they were looking there, they certainly were not "Beagle people". And Eddy clearly is more of a Staffy-Lab-Spaniel mix, so it was a mistake all the way around. A very fortunate mistake. His story though shows how it takes a village to save a life. I won't share it all here, suffice to say, his early nickname was "Bucket Boy" because he had been found on a construction site in one of those five gallon buckets. He was so weak he couldn't stand on his own. Through the work of two different rescue groups and a foster family, and then finally his forever owners, he survived and has grown into a sixty pound bundle of love. His owners say, "When people ask, what kind of dog is he? We answer, Perfect."
I am in the midst of reading the 1st pages, making corrections and changes. I have not gotten tired of reading all of these stories. And believe me, I've read them many times. I know each of these dogs by their names and their stories, although I haven't met most of them. The fact that I haven't been bored once with this project gives me hope that many will enjoy the stories and my illustrations as much as I have. I love the fact that these dogs and people are what you might categorize as "ordinary", no heroics or amazing tricks, just normal. (nothing wrong with normal)And despite the lack of Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin qualities, all of these dogs share such an extraordinary love with their owners. That is what gives me chills as I work on this. Thanks y'all.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Prairie Dogs

Oh Frisco and Sadie, I knew you well. These two were dog-sitting clients of mine, and belonged to my good friends, Jo Edna and Reina, when I lived in Austin. They were fun and adorable. I say 'were' because they are off in 'Doggie Heaven'. Their owners like to imagine that they are chasing prairie dogs and coyotes like they used to do at their New Mexico home. (they were lucky to have two homes!)
Work is wrapping up on my portion of the book. I will soon hand-off to Liz Lester Design and she will turn it all into a real book. It's been a long haul, I'm ready to be done and on to the next project. I will debut the book in Fayetteville Arkansas at the Anne Kittrell Gallery at the University of Arkansas in October. And the Wally Workman Gallery, Austin in November. That's also when they will start shipping out to all y'all. (I hope!) Wish me luck. My eyes hurt from starting at the computer. I would much rather be drawing dogs and cats and monkeys than focusing on this detail portion of the project. I really am a 'Big picture' kind of gal. But, I know I must do all of it, not just the fun part. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dog In The Bluebonnets

Here is sweet Sam, or Samson if you're feeling formal. He's standing in a field of Bluebonnets. If you don't know what those are you must not be from Texas. They are everywhere in the springtime in TX. I miss them, and I miss TX. Even though it is hot as hell, it is where I've spent at least 17 years of my life. The jury is still out on NW Arkansas.
Work on the Dog Scratchin' book is on a brief hold as I move my home and studio this week. I plan to get back on it on Weds (that's tomorrow!) and get all of it to the great designer Liz Lester by the weekend. Whoo hoo!
Wish me luck, and I hope I don't get a heat stroke. Next time I move it will be in the wintertime....and to someplace that doesn't get this hot...ever. Where would that be?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dog Lookin' For A Story

Oh Cooper Douglas. His owner has said, "If Cooper could talk he would keep me up all night". I wish Cooper could talk. He wants to tell his story, but doesn't have the words. I don't have the words either. Hint, Hint. I know Cooper, and I could tell about how he loves to curl up comfy in really fancy chairs. And how about..oh wait, that's right, I'm supposed to be telling his story with his owner's words. Anyhow, he is the sweetest Aussie? mix. It's getting down to the wire, and by the way, I'm moving home and studio so I'm a bit wild eyed and frantic. Must.Finish.Book.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Good Dog!

Sam was a good hiking dog. He would throw his body between a snake on the trail and his owner to protect her. He's been gone quite a while, but he really meant a lot to his owner. This drawing was a challenge as she only had a couple of really blurry photos of him. I used those and my imagination to complete this drawing. Things are wrapping up. Last dog drawing is done...stories are about to be done. I am happy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lucky Lindy

This sweet pup with the blue eyes is Lindy. Her owner calls her "Lucky Lindy". After reading her story I know why. She was a scared little pup at the back of her dog run at the shelter. With love and time she was brought our of her hiding place and has, for the most part, overcome her fears. I love drawing these dogs. I've got one more to draw for the book and I am sad about that. I will miss the daily episodes of drawing and reading the stories. But I can see a sequel in my future. And for now, I have enough examples of other dogs pulled off the internet that I can draw, just for fun. It's hard to explain this compulsion, this need to make art. The more I do it, the more I need to do it. That's not a bad thing though. It's a huge part of what makes my life good. I am grateful.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Puppy Mills And Other Rants

This is Kyle. He was found in the woods near Seattle. They suspect he was a 'dump' from a puppy mill. He was extremely scared and not socialized at all. A friend of mine adopted him from a rescue group and his story is somthin'. He ran off the 2nd day she had him. She spent 5 days (3 of which she slept in a park) looking for him. Finally, he was located at a shelter. He has been with her ever since, and has turned into a really fine dog. This is in the book. There is so much more to all of these dogs stories in the book, it's hard to tell them in  200 words or so. But, I'm doing my best to share all of these. Friends, please unless you are showing dogs (and I'm not even sure how I feel about using dogs prancing in a ring for our entertainment) don't buy a dog from a breeder. Am I trying to put them out of business? You bet. I know from hearing these stories, and from an experience a friend had at breeding her dog and selling pups; It is not a profitable business unless you have volume. And that means endless litters, and culling the undesirable pups etc...etc...There are more than enough full breed and mixed breed dogs at rescue orgs. This past weekend I stopped by the local Petco where For Pet's Sake was having an adoption event. There was a both a smooth coat and long haired doxie, a poodle, and a chihuahua. Perfectly good dogs that either were abandoned or dropped off for one reason or another...Getting a dog is a huge responsibility. Don't get one if you can't afford to take care of it, or if you have a baby and thus have 'no time' for it, or you are in an unstable relationship. I don't have a dog right now, although I would LOVE to. But I know I'm not in a good situation to adopt...yet. Getting a dog should NOT be an impulse, because that impulse attraction wears off pretty quickly when the puppy pees and poops on the floor or cries all night. Can you tell I feel strongly about this? Yup. I'm up on my soapbox.
 Now, just to end on a positive note: I am so impressed with all of those folks out there who rescue and adopt and work tirelessly to take care and further this effort to keep all dogs off the street and in good homes. Thank you. Keep at it, you are doing the good work. You give me hope.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Steak And Bones

This is me playing around with the background on the 5x7 Ampersand scratchboard. I love the dogs positioning, so the finished product will be much the same, only with a different background (I think!?) When taking this on, the owner mentioned and even included a piece of artwork with dogs and a slab o' beef in it. This is "Steak And Bones". The dogs are Rocco (top) and Baxter, a Boston Terrier and a Boston/French Bulldog mix. These guys are the cutest! More on them in the book. Oh yes, the book...things are moving right along, just a few more stories to collect. If you are one of those who have not gotten the story of your dog(s) to me, please, I beg of you, don't wait too long. I'm not stressed out yet, but it's inevitable, especially if I have to hunt you down and badger you.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Zoey and Zipper

Today is Zoey and Zipper day! I put this composite drawing together from several of the photos that were sent to me. They both exist in real life, but this pose and the flooring are out of my own head. That's how I roll and that's how I've had to adapt to create these 5x7 drawings that will be in the book. They both have sweet stories to tell. You'll have to get a hold of a Dog Scratchin' book to read it. Oh I'm such a tease! The usual info; Ampersand Art scratchboard, inks and my two hands a' scratchin' away...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pearl Of A Dog

This is Pearl. She is part of a small pack o' dogs, Monica and Prince are her buds. They all run the house, I'm sure. They are all loved.  Almost all of the dogs are drawn, stories are being read and re-read, a few stragglers still coming in. Soon my friends, soon, it will be a book.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prince of a Dog

This is sweet little Prince. His owners love this little guy and I can see why. He does have eyes in there, don't worry! Work on the book continues. I've drawn 75 dogs and am working on the stories, trying to get it all together to put in the designer's hands mid August at the latest.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

70 Dogs On The Bed

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted here. Above is the reason why. I've drawn 70 different dogs (and some of them more than once to get them right) on 5"x7" Ampersand Art scratchboard. The photo is a little blurry because I used my smart phone camera. Don't worry though, the images in the book will be crisp and beautiful. I've been juggling dogs, and dog stories, plus working on some other art projects, and oh yeah, I'm moving into a new studio space in a month so I'm also packing. A lot going on here. I am so pleased with how all of this is turning out. And I'm beginning to think about the Cat project...launching in the fall. Yowza! Happy 4th!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dog Days Upon Us

Here comes Ritchie! This delightful little guy was found running along the side of a busy highway. He comes from Bald Knob Arkansas. He brings lots of joy to his owners who love him very much.
I have just finished drawing all of the dogs from photos I have received so far. It's somewhere around 67+ give or take a few. I count and then another comes in and I lose let's just say, the book will have about 70 dogs and their stories in it. July and August are going to be busy months for me. I love it! As long as I have AC and plenty of cold beverages I will be happily working on the book.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Dog Day

I love these two! Gingi and Tina. What a pair. This is of course the only time Tina is larger than Gingi(all depends on your perspective)....and, maybe in her dreams she always is.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Salty Dog

This is Jack, nicknamed, Salty Dog. He loved riding on the boat. He passed on recently from his loving family that he lived with for many years. Sad. And yet, he had a great life. The most any of us, animal or human can hope for.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Running Out Of Dogs!

This is Booger. I had the pleasure of knowing him. He lived out at the Eye Of The Dog Art Center in San Marcos, TX. His owners Beverly and Billy Ray lost him recently to old age. Everyone misses him. It just won't be the same without him wandering through during art events. His story is amazing. You'll have to get the book to find out more. I laughed and cried while reading it, it's a good one. Check out their website. Besides rescuing dogs and loving them forever, they teach and offer some wonderful art classes, and both are accomplished artists. I'm getting close to the end of drawing dogs. Right now it is around 67 dogs, I've only got about 8 left to draw. I'm dragging my feet about these final dogs. I'm thinking of making ads for pet portraits for Vet offices, facebook and any other place to find dogs to draw. I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself. Well, besides putting all the stories and rescue groups and such together into the book form for the designer to make pretty. That will be the month of July task. It will be hot outside, and I'll be in the indoors AC happy as can be.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dog O' The Day

Nigel. A regal looking dog, wouldn't you say? He was much loved by his owners. Recently deceased, and greatly missed by everyone who knew him. More of his story and others in the book. Work is progressing. Almost done with all of the drawing. Now it's time to get it all put together.  Exciting!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dog A Rific!

This is Truman. He was adopted from a couple who were divorcing and couldn't keep him. He knows when he's done something wrong, and comes running with a big grin on his face. Mostly though, he is pretty darned good. Loving and happy to be in a great home.
Speaking of home, I'm back at home base after 2.5 weeks traveling/teaching/visiting in Texas and the East Coast. Today I sat down to draw a few more dogs for the book. I'm getting close to the end...less than 10 remaining. I'm going to be sad to be done with that part of the book. So, I'm thinking and planning a way to keep drawing these great dogs. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little Dogs Big Hearts

This is Ginger. What can I say? She is one danged cute dog. Her story and others are told in the Dog Scratchin' book to be released in the Fall of 2012.

Monday, June 11, 2012

One More From The Pittie Family

This is Skippy. He lived with Scout and Rudy (former posts)who have gone to the great beyond. Now he's by himself, with two loving owners. He is a big fan of nibbling on folks he likes...I am one of them. It's kind of like he thinks I'm an ear of corn. Doesn't hurt (too much!) and is pretty amusing. He is a Pit Bull or mix. Can be pretty imposing, but is really a dear. More story in the book.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Sweet Pittie!

This is Rudy. He was one of the sweetest dogs. RIP buddy. He lived with Scout (mentioned in the former post) and Skippy (artwork coming soon). When I met him, he was already an elder dog. What a character he was! Stay tuned to learn more.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pittie Bull Sweetness

This is Scout. She was a big, big Pittie girl. Imposing, but not mean. I had the pleasure of knowing her. It was really hard on my friends who loved her when she passed not so long ago. I'm glad to be including her in the book. They had a house full of pits, 3 total, all with different personalities. Scout and Rudy (who will be featured next post) both passed within the same year. Great dogs, sorry to see them go. They had a really great life after being rescued. Drawing the dogs continues. I'm so happy to be doing this project.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gracie Dog

This is Gracie. Her owners wanted me to add her dino in the piece because she loves it so much. She has a blind eye, but that doesn't stop her one bit! You'll have to read the book to get the rest of the story. Oh no, I sound like Paul Harvey, right? Good Day!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Do You Do When A Relationship Goes Bad...Get A Dog!

This is Rebound. As you may guess from the title(and the dog name)...The owner, known as Spike, was getting out of a not so great marriage and falling apart. Thanks to Utopia Dog Ranch which rescues dogs of all types this Boston Terrier came along. She's funny and smart, and really helped with Spike's recovery. How could you not love this face? Just another one of the dogs and dog stories from the Dog Scratchin' Book. Stay tuned.