Saturday, December 15, 2012

Last Minute Dogs

Hey folks, all is good here in *Linda-Land*. I'm still selling Dog Scratchin' books like crazy. Just wanted to give you a heads up...if you want to buy a book(s) for Christmas gifts, or even commission a custom piece of art, get with me soon. Like, today or tomorrow. Post a comment here and we can make it happen.  I promise I will work hard to get it shipped to you before the holiday. If you are in NW Arkansas I can hand-deliver, but you must contact me right away. This month's 10% of sales proceeds are going to a group in Beaumont, Texas called *PAWS*.  I've already sold quite a few books this month, but would love to sell more so I can give more to this group. I'm starting to get geared up on the Cat Scratchin' project. Will keep y'all posted. Thanks, and have a lovely day!
The above is dear departed "Sister", and her brother "Cletus" in his fancy shirt. It's a 5x7 scratchboard drawing on Ampersand bord, with inks. Sold.

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