Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Good Dog Day Afternoon

This past Sunday I got to meet little Magaidh (Gaelic spelling of Maggie) at the park with her owners, Ryan and Heather Marie Wells. It was a sweet afternoon, as I previously had only known her through her owners photos and stories. And from those I drew the artwork that will be in the book. The purpose of the meeting was to get photos of her with the artwork because she has bladder cancer and after two surgeries and chemo and nothing more to be done, no cure available, her loving folks are at the point of making a difficult decision. I've been there, with my seventeen year old cat. It was and is the hardest thing in the world. But I believe with all my heart that having an animal you love put out of their pain peacefully is the greatest expression of love there is. Magaidh has a few more days on this earth. I am confident that they will be the best days of her life. That's all any of us, animal or human can hope for or work on, making every day the best day of our life. This dog, this story, these people, they are a big part of why I'm putting this book together.
The photos above (except for the artwork that I scanned) were taken by Ryan and/or Heather Marie Wells.


  1. I'm so glad you got to meet her. She's a cutie and you did her justice with the portrait. My heart goes out to Ryan & Heather.

    LOL - Are those dig holes in her portrait?

  2. Yes, she was quite the hole digger. Heather Marie and Ryan are the sweetest folks. Thanks for the comment!