Sunday, October 28, 2012

Events and Dogs

I just finished this piece. It's small, 3"x5" and is part of the kickstarter reward for one of the folks in the book. This is Lindy. I'm calling the piece "Little Lindy." She's a really great looking, blue-eyed dog. I will take down the show at the Anne Kittrell Gallery this week (the morning of the 1st)so Monday thru Weds 10am to 6pm is your last chance to see all of the artwork. After I take it down I will begin the process of shipping rewards and art to everyone who participated in this project. I've got a friend working on a short video of the show, will post that soon here and on youtube.
Meanwhile, I'm packing for a trip to Austin and San Antonio in a few weeks. Can hardly wait, I haven't been back there since June and that's way too long to be away from my friends there.  The big news is there will be an event at Wally Workman Gallery on w. 6th St. in Austin November 13th from 6-8pm. 10% of my sales that night will go Austin Pets Alive.  I'm really excited about this because I will meet many of the folks (and maybe a few dogs) in the book for the first time. If you are in Austin and can drop by please do. Wally and Rachel throw a good party and it should be pretty sweet....

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