Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kickstarter Project is Rolling On

My teeny little kickstarter project is fully funded now with twenty days to go before it ends. This confirms my suspicion that I should have made it about a ten day funding period--but I didn't so-oh-well. Kickstarter is such an interesting idea, 'crowd funding' and all. One never really knows what will appeal to folks. I'm glad this has grabbed y'all's attention. This is my third successful project (of course it really will be a success when I finish and distribute the Cat Scratchin' book and the above posters) There is nothing to stop further funding, in fact I welcome it. The more the merrier. I'm only printing the posters for this project, in other words they won't be available anywhere else, so if you want/like them you've got to get them now. There is just a little confusion at the kickstarter site (mostly because Mercury IS Retrograde--Don't judge--I'm a believer!) so I put numbers on the posters so click above to look more closely and then pledge away here until the end: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1547701634/dog-scratchin-limited-edition-posters-for-your-wal
On a side note--today is one of those days when I just feel out-of-sorts, or maybe out of my body or mind! I don't know what it is, maybe waking up around 4:30am and tossing in and out of sleep, or the fact that the weather is so nice that now I'm thinking that I could stay here in Northwest Arkansas. Last year and even the year before it was Texas-Hot for most of the summer. I'm trying to get away from that heat, so imagine my surprise when it happened here. I'm restless, wondering what's next. Ok, I know what's next...finish the Cat book and these posters, but I mean, after that? I always have a plan, and when I don't I get a little cranky and bent out of shape and even a little lost....
So, here's to today and all of the elements it contains, I'll change what I can, and roll with the rest. If you have questions about the projects give me a holler. Also, I love commissions so if you have a favorite dog (or cat) or hell, any critter, give me a chance to scratch it out for you!
And NO, just in case you were wondering, the numbers are NOT on the posters in real life, just here, okay?