Friday, September 7, 2012

Dog Scratchin' Book Report

Here's Zipper and Zoey. The "Security" and the "Greeter". They are just two of the over 70 dogs that I drew, using scratchbord, between April 11 and July 20th. The book has been read and re-read and corrected, corrected again, and finally finished and is on it's way to the printer in Minn. Now I wait for the proof to check and then receive the finished product by or before Oct 11th. There will be a show and debut of the book Oct. 11th at 6pm at the Anne Kittrell Gallery at the University of Arkansas(Fayetteville) Then on November 13th at 6pm, I'll be at the Wally Workman Gallery in Austin with books and artwork. If you are in either of those areas I hope you can make it out. It's going to be fun, how can it not be, there are dogs, stories and a Miller Williams poem! Thanks y'all.

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