Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eddy the "Bucket Boy" Dog

Eddy's photo was listed under "Beagles" on the rescue site that he was on. His owners have no idea why they were looking there, they certainly were not "Beagle people". And Eddy clearly is more of a Staffy-Lab-Spaniel mix, so it was a mistake all the way around. A very fortunate mistake. His story though shows how it takes a village to save a life. I won't share it all here, suffice to say, his early nickname was "Bucket Boy" because he had been found on a construction site in one of those five gallon buckets. He was so weak he couldn't stand on his own. Through the work of two different rescue groups and a foster family, and then finally his forever owners, he survived and has grown into a sixty pound bundle of love. His owners say, "When people ask, what kind of dog is he? We answer, Perfect."
I am in the midst of reading the 1st pages, making corrections and changes. I have not gotten tired of reading all of these stories. And believe me, I've read them many times. I know each of these dogs by their names and their stories, although I haven't met most of them. The fact that I haven't been bored once with this project gives me hope that many will enjoy the stories and my illustrations as much as I have. I love the fact that these dogs and people are what you might categorize as "ordinary", no heroics or amazing tricks, just normal. (nothing wrong with normal)And despite the lack of Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin qualities, all of these dogs share such an extraordinary love with their owners. That is what gives me chills as I work on this. Thanks y'all.

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