Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kickstarter Poster Project Funding Over Halfway There!

Just thought I'd show you a crappy, kind of blurry phone photo (you get the idea) of all four posters framed in cheap, cheap poster frames from a big box hobby store. These were around $7.00 each and I used the coupon for two of them (2 different visit purchases...) so all four were under $20.00. Cool eh?
Any-o-how, just wanted to let y'all know that we're sitting at 53% funded with 23 days to go. Yay posters! Yay Dogs! Please take a look-ee-see here and maybe you want some too! It's easy. You can buy in for as little at $15.00 or get all four for $45.00. That's all folks!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's A Good Day In Linda-Land!

These two are super cute. This artwork didn't end up in the book. It was just an exercise in being loose and fun. It's Ampersand Art Scratchboard. 5x7 inch.
I'm happy. The kickstarter project (click here to see) is just under halfway funded. There are 26 days to go. If I don't raise the full amount of a mere $550.00 I get nothing. That's ok. I can live with that. I'd rather not though. I'd like to see my 4 posters go out into the world and make people happy. That's all I'm asking for. Just a little hint of success. The other day I was lamenting to a friend about art sales being down and she said, 'well, you can always go back to plumbing.' Uh, no, I can't. I spent almost thirty years crawling around under houses, in tight attics and trying to fit myself into impossible spaces, all while either making fire with a torch(and trying to not burn the house down) or woman-handling a couple of pipe wrenches. Don't get me wrong, it was a great trade. I'm happy I did it. I'm happy I at least tapped the top of my head on the glass ceiling in the trades. But the reality is, I'm older now, and I can't do what I once did. The last major project I did was help a friend build her house from the ground up. I was 50 then, and it was hard, but I could still do it without killing myself. Not any more. I have constant neck pain from bulging discs and bone spurs. I'm happy to still be able to handle scratchboard drawing all day long, every day.  Not feeling sorry for myself, just my reality. So I follow my art muse. Right now it's the books, who knows what it will be next year.
Please take a look at my project and see if you have any interest, or if you know someone who might. Thanks! Follow your dream, even if it leads you on a curvy path.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dog Scratchin Poster Project Is Live For Funding

Here are posters #1 and #2 of the four limited edition Dog Scratchin' Posters. I just launched the project on kickstarter. Take a look at it here and share with your dog lovin' friends. #dogs #dogscratchin  and so forth. Thanks!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Almost Time To Launch The Dog Scratchin' Kickstarter Project...

Here's a little treat for those of you who have bought the Dog Scratchin' book. This is the poet Miller Williams reading his poem from the book; Some Lines To A Dog Who Doesn't See The Difference. 
I'm gearing up to launch the poster project with all of the artwork from the book on kickstarter this coming Sunday at high noon Central Time. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, enjoy listening/watching the poet deliver his poem. It's used here with his permission. The video copyright is mine with all rights reserved so please don't use without my permission. The quality is just about as good as I could get with my android phone. Still, nothing like hearing it in the writer's voice. Cheers!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dog Scratchin' Poster #4

And finally, here is #4 of the series of four posters. They will only be available at my kickstarter project which is set to launch this Sunday June 23rd and it will run for 30 days. Don't worry, I will put it up here, and on facebook, plus tweetin' and instagramin' and what ever else I can do to promote it. It's a quick, fun project. I just want to see if any of you out there would be interested in having one or more or all 4 of these posters. I hope so!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dog Scratchin' Poster #3

The Dog Scratchin' limited edition poster project has been submitted to kickstarter and now I wait for them to approve (or not) before launching in a week or so. I've been living with one of the series hanging on my wall, framed in a simple cheap frame from the big box hobby store and it looks good! Meanwhile I'm still working on the cat book (and believe me, wrangling cats is much harder than dogs, no surprise, right?) No judgment, just fact.
Once again, the layout of the posters was done by the amazing artist Chad Maupin at Big Bot Design. I can barely operate photoshop, let alone try to put more than one image on a page...
It's a lovely day in Northwest Arkansas, especially in the house with AC going.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dog Posters-#2

This is poster #2 of the series of 4 dog posters. Yesterday I worked on the kickstarter video with Anh Dao Kolbe who helped keep me in frame/focus while I talked about the project. And just so you know, Chad Maupin of Big Bot Design in Fayetteville took all of the images from the Dog Scratchin' book and put them together in these sweet 11"x17" posters. And thanks to him, the printing is local too. He's also a really talented scratchboard artist.  I'm fixin' to submit this project to kickstarter sometime this week, with a launch planned sometime next week. This kickstarter project will be the ONLY place to find these posters as I'm going to limit the number printed to however many I need to fulfill the project rewards.
The project will run for 30 days...during Mercury in Retrograde(google it). (although it starts BEFORE the retrograde and ends after) Those of you who know anything about me know that I am somewhat (ok, really more than somewhat) superstitious about these things.  I'm going to try it though, I can't put my life on hold for some astrology event--That's my new way of looking at things.
Here we go------

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dog People-I'm Planning Something!

For those of you who liked the idea of creating a poster (or other cool products)with the dog art from Dog Scratchin' book...I'm just about to launch a kickstarter project to fund the printing of four different 11"x17" posters with twenty dogs to a poster. Stay tuned, I hope to be live sometime next week. In the meantime, I'm working on the cat version of the book like mad. It's going to be just as fun and colorful as the dog book, although cats don't smile much! Or maybe their smiles are understated...