Sunday, October 28, 2012

Events and Dogs

I just finished this piece. It's small, 3"x5" and is part of the kickstarter reward for one of the folks in the book. This is Lindy. I'm calling the piece "Little Lindy." She's a really great looking, blue-eyed dog. I will take down the show at the Anne Kittrell Gallery this week (the morning of the 1st)so Monday thru Weds 10am to 6pm is your last chance to see all of the artwork. After I take it down I will begin the process of shipping rewards and art to everyone who participated in this project. I've got a friend working on a short video of the show, will post that soon here and on youtube.
Meanwhile, I'm packing for a trip to Austin and San Antonio in a few weeks. Can hardly wait, I haven't been back there since June and that's way too long to be away from my friends there.  The big news is there will be an event at Wally Workman Gallery on w. 6th St. in Austin November 13th from 6-8pm. 10% of my sales that night will go Austin Pets Alive.  I'm really excited about this because I will meet many of the folks (and maybe a few dogs) in the book for the first time. If you are in Austin and can drop by please do. Wally and Rachel throw a good party and it should be pretty sweet....

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wally Workman Gallery Event

Today was a great day. I met up with JoAnn from the Humane Society of the Ozarks and had a delightful visit. I donated a signed book and dog portrait to be used in a silent auction for their upcoming event. I even sold her a book and got a commission to draw a few of her dogs out of it. And she's in with her cats for the future Cat Scratchin' book! Awesome!  Now, that would be enough, but I just got off the phone with the Austin Pets Alive group.  The November 13th book and art event at Wally Workman Gallery, 1202 West 6th St. in Austin, TX 6-8pm, will provide 10% of my sales to Austin Pets Alive. I'm so thrilled to be able to offer some $$ to various rescue groups. Please join me that night and let's give them some big bucks!
Currently 20% of Oct. sales will be split between Fayetteville Animal Shelter and For Pets' Sake Springdale. We're around $110.00 each right now, if you are looking for Christmas presents for the dog lovers in your life give me a holla and I'll get a book to you. Books are $25.00 each, shipping is $5.50, unless of course you are in NW Arkansas or will be at the November event, in which case I will hand deliver them.
I'm lovin' this life...the little dog in the above drawing is one that I drew just for fun, it will be available at the event, along with many other drawings. If you don't like any of  those, hire me to draw your know you want to! Thanks folks.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Drawing Dogs for fun!

Now that the book is finished and all of the art from it hanging at the Anne Kittrell Gallery on the campus of the University of Arkansas, I've had some time on my hands. So I've gone through my collection of dog images that I've downloaded from here and there, and then I scratched out some new artwork, just for fun. The usual here, a 5x7 Ampersand Art scratchboard with clayboard inks. This is one of my favorite dog poses. The leaves are of course only in my mind. I'm not sure who this is, I'm referring to him/her as "Good Dog". I will frame this and take it to Wally Workman Gallery in Austin to sell. The event there will be November 13th 6-8pm. I'll be there with books, art and kickstarter rewards. I will soon add a paypal button here, and will list books at my etsy shop if you are looking for books to buy. I'll also be at Eye of the Dog Art Center in San Marcos, Texas, right after Thanksgiving selling artwork, books, magnets (big sale on those this year), and the little wooden carpenter "totes" that I've been making. Stay tuned, more information about all of that soon. In the meantime, I'm off to Petco today to work with For Pets' Sake Springdale to get a bunch o' dogs adopted out. They are such a fun group that does great work, rescuing animals from the city shelter and placing them in good homes. I am donating 10% of sales to them, and 10% to the Fayetteville Animal Shelter this month.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Awesome Reception for Dog Scratchin'

It's time to go to bed but I just had to say, what a great night at the Anne Kittrell Gallery here in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 70+ folks came out to see the work and buy books. I am grateful for each and every one of you. I am tired and happy. I'm ready for more...
Oh yeah, that's Booger. He was a sweet old Tiger Striped Catahoula hound. His story is one of my favorites. Let's just say, it didn't start out so great, but he ended up with some of the best folks possible, and had a good, long, life.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

They're Here!!

I'm very happy to announce that the Dog Scratchin' books have arrived. All five hundred of them! I am gathering the various "rewards"(postcard,greeting card,magnet) and packing them with the books in preparation for shipping and hand deliveries to the kickstarter funders. Those in Fayetteville Arkansas can pick them up at the Anne Kittrell Gallery in the Union at the University during the reception on Oct. 11th 6-7. And the entire show can be seen M-F 10-6pm until the end of the month. 
I'll be at Wally Workman Gallery for a special event Nov. 13th from 6-7pm to sign, sell and distribute books. There will be several pieces of artwork for sale there. I'm also setting up commissions for the holidays. If you would like one of your animals (not just dogs) drawn on scratchboard to give as gifts you need to contact me soon!!
The book looks better than I even imagined it would. I just sold 8 yesterday to a friend who will be giving them as Christmas gifts. That means the first $$ went into the rescue group fund...$16.00 ($2 per book sold) whoo hoo. Here we go! This is pretty darned exciting!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dog Books On Their Way To Me!

I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of the Dog Scratchin' books. Soon there will be more than several boxes of them stacked and waiting to go to their next home. Or homes. This is good. This is very, very, good. Now, if I could just breathe!
The show is up at the Anne Kittrell Gallery at the U of Arkansas Fayetteville and officially opens today and runs through the end of the month. It's open M-F 10-6pm. It's located on the 4th floor of the Union blg. I've been parking in the parking garage on Stadium Dr. Easy-peasy once you figure out the payment machine, and then a short walk over to the most confusing building I've ever been in. There are what seems to be half floors. Many different levels and wings. Good luck.  I'll leave breadcrumbs so you can find it. Please come to the reception on Thursday Oct. 11th 6pm.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Anne Kittrell Gallery Dog Show

Today I will take all of the scratchboards to the Anne Kittrell Gallery on the campus of the University of Arkansas and begin to hang and set up the room for the month long show. The show opens on October 4th and runs until the end of the month. The reception is Thursday October 11th at 6pm. The books are being printed and will be shipped in time for that event. (I hope!) It will be nice to have the artwork in my hands again. I've had all of the boards packed up waiting for this.
This past week I started 6 new dogs and two cats. Just for fun, for sale, for me. I'm happy to be back at it. And work has begun on the Cat Scratchin' project that I hope to launch after the first of the year if not sooner.