Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dog Day Morning!

This is Greenbean. He is featured on the Greeting Card that will be sent out to many of the pledge levels on the kickstarter project. The story is, the folks at the shelter he was in for 5 years, cried and hugged Emily who adopted him. He had been there all that time after being rescued from a home (and I use that term lightly) where teenagers burned him with cigarettes. He also has a scar on his nose from a fight in his youth. Emily wanted small and young, instead large and older came her way. You don't always get what you want...sometimes you get what you need, in spite of what you think. I did 2 versions of him. I like this one best. So it goes into the book!
 I'm off to ride my bike in circles around the lake. Good, hot, fun!

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