Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Day, Another Dog

This is Eleanor, also known as 'Nooney'. She was one of the first black dogs for me to draw. This is the 3rd version. I'm still not certain that this is the one. Drawing the black dogs on the black surface of the Ampersand scratchboard should be easy, right? What I've found, with my style, they end up looking too much like 'cartoon' dogs.  I know, I know, my style is kind of cartoony anyway. With the drawing of over 60 different dogs, I have been changing it up, and becoming a better artist. At least I think so. There may be a different version later, stay tuned.
Anyhow, she was rescued as a puppy, full of fleas with 3 different kinds of worms, on a busy logging road. She was unfazed by the danger and she grew up to be a 95 lb Flat Coat Retriever. The folks who rescued her kept her, and loved her until her death this past April 1st. They like to think they will "meet up with her in a place with a beautiful meadow with trees, a swimming pool, and a ribs joint"
Sounds good to me!

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