Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Animal Rescue Groups

Yesterday I sent out some books to a NY rescue group, Tuff Tails. I've been following them on facebook and they do great work, so I packed up 5 books and sent them on their way. Check them out at here. They get 100% of the proceeds. It's all a part of my spreading the Dog Scratchin' joy. More books to go out to other groups this week. The above photo is a dog I drew this past December as a commission. It's a 5x7 Ampersand Art Scratchbord. I had tons of fun doing this and several other different dogs for this person. The Cat Scratchin' version of the book is currently funding at kickstarter, check it out here. Funding will end Feb. 13th. I'm biting my nails on this, slow going...I really want it to happen. Where are the cat owners??? So far the dog owners have won the race. Shaking my head.

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